Meet Debra

Debra & Chewbacca

Debra Druzy writes Contemporary Romance. She is very excited to be publishing her first book with The Wild Rose Press.

With her terrible penmanship, writing a novel was never Debra’s lifelong dream. However, as a little girl she loved playing with her mother’s old typewriter, and she did pretty good in typing class in high school. So, when she grew up, she got a job in NYC, where she did a lot of typing. And she spent a lot of hours commuting by train. To pass the time, she read a lot of books. All sorts of books. Syfi. Horror. But Romance was her favorite…

One day, in 1999, she came home from work, sat in front a blank document on her computer, and attempted to write her first romance. It was awful. But after more years of hobby-writing, researching how to write, and studying the romance genre, she finally joined the RWA and LIRW in 2011, where she met a great group of writers at all levels of experience. And through the LIRW, she met a publisher in May 2014. The publisher asked for three chapters, then the whole manuscript! By August, Debra cleaned up the story enough that the publisher offered her a contract, which put her over the moon!!

Stay tuned…updates to come!
Keep in touch for details!!

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2 thoughts on “Meet Debra”

  1. Meredith Dylan* said:

    I’ve read some of your work & it’s amazing! Can’t wait to read whats next….keep writing!


  2. thanks mer ~ i’m looking forward to working with you, we both have some work ahead of us ~ can’t wait!
    : )


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