batter up–here comes the pitch

so much for a practicing the pitch this week — i am still giggling out loud when i ask myself, “so, what’s the book about,” while driving an empty mini van around town.

i called my sister yesterday and had her ask me, “so, what’s the book about,” and i giggled out loud again.

its not the sort of thing i want to talk about — just read about and write about — but i know it must be done.

i’ve written the query and the synopsis, because those are silent tasks — the speaking part is a toughy.

I asked my hubby to come to the luncheon next week so he could do the talking, and i’d just do the writing, but that’s not going to fly.

the only thing i can think about whenever i have to give an oral presentation is my seventh grade english class— it’s the day before the start of christmas break and i’m in front of the class doing my oral report on Mark Twain, and in the middle i feel faint. my teacher thinks i’m bullshitting so i can get out of doing it. but i go pale and get dry-mouth, and eventually wind up in the nurse’s office — and (i know this is TMI, but WTF, it works for the story and got me out of the presentation until after the vacation) it turns out i had gotten my period for the very first time at that moment, which would explain my sudden state of illness. fun stuff.

so now, whenever i think of oral presentation, i think of Mark Twain, and seventh grade, and Christmas Vacation, and getting my period.

a pitching party is going to be super-great fun…i just have to remember to breathe.



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