Let’s Get Ready To NaNo

Are you ready?
I’m not. Not with my family screaming on a Saturday morning. Sunday will be the same. I’m more of a M-F-during school hours-writer, anyway. With a big bucket of coffee ~ light & sweet, thank you for asking. Or the occasional vat of wine or amaretto sour ~ yes, pretty please.

What kind of NaNo’er are you? Weekender? Weekdayer? Late-nighter? Early-Riser? Middayer? More importantly ~ How do you take your writing BOC (beverage of choice)? With half-and-half? Shaken not stirred? Caffeine free? An herbal tea? In tall frosty glass? Or a favorite mug?

I know, I know…What’s with all the questions? Am I writing a book or something?

Whatever it takes to stir your muse, I hope the words flow like an endless river.





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