My 7-year-old just read aloud to me ~ The Feast Beast by Karen Gray Ruelle, a sweet Thanksgiving story that kept talking about pumpkin pie, which put me in the mood for…pumpkin pie.WIN_20141106_192630 (2)

With all the dessert options for Thanksgiving, I prefer a sliver of everything!

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving pie?
(pick 2)

Happy Thanksgiving


2 thoughts on “Pie?

  1. I would have voted for pumpkin pie as my favorite but I’m picky when it comes to my pumpkin. 🙂 It can’t be the wet kind of pie…. I’m a sucker for the dense Entenmann’s Pumpkin – though it’s so tiny I always have to buy two. lol.

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    1. I didn’t like pumpkin pie when I was a kid, it was an acquired taste, and I have to add whipped cream.
      I choose my pie by the crust.
      But I can eat a whole chocolate pudding pie without thinking twice.
      : )


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