Falling for Casanova

Available in paperback, e-book, and audio book. 
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Joy Barbieri has hit rock bottom—divorced, unemployed, sleeping on her parent’s couch until she finds an apartment suitable for two kids and a fur-baby—but she’s determined to start over. Eager for independence, she takes the first job she finds. A handsome stranger catches her eye, but with a name like Casanova, he’s got to be a world champion player—right?

Tristan Casanova’s only visiting this rustic town until he recuperates from his painfully quick divorce, not to make friends. However as he gets to know sweet and savvy Joy, he realizes their unexpected alliance comes with undeniable chemistry. She’s the perfect excuse to stay in Scenic View permanently, but when will she quit giving every excuse in the book why they shouldn’t be together?

Will pains of the past, excessive ex-spouse baggage, and interfering relatives keep these two from the happily-ever-after they deserve?

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July 2016, I signed the contract with The Wild Rose Press for another Scenic View story, a SLEEPING WITH SANTA spin-off called FALLING FOR CASANOVA

Get to know Tristan, who comes to Scenic View to start over. 
And meet Joy, who’s back in her hometown, living with her folks after getting divorced, trying to get her life back on track. 
When these two single parents meet, fireworks fly. 
They say timing is everything, but family obligations come first, even if it means putting off a happily-ever-after. 
Can they make their relationship work, or are they better off as friends? 

I can’t wait for you to find out! Be sure to join my mailing list for updates. I’ll be needing some beta readers soon.

FFC contract.jpg

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