ReviewsAreTipsForWritersA heart-felt Thank You to the gracious readers who enjoyed SLEEPING WITH SANTA and took the time to post a review. 

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“This debut novel has the just-right mix of silliness, spice, humor, tight prose, suspense and great descriptions. It kept me in the moment, in the characters’ heads and hearts, and had me coming out cheering for them in the end. Such a fun sexy story. I was given a copy of this story in return for an honest review.” ~ from Dee

“I was give an free ARC in exchange for an honest review. I read Sleeping with Santa in 5-1/2 hours! It was a fast-paced, easy read, The characters were well-developed and had me thinking of them several days after completing the book. It was the perfect combination of humor, romance, and drama. It’s a good read any time of the year, not just Christmas. I recommend this book for anyone looking for a fun romantic escape…like a “Calgon, take me away moment”.” ~ from Susan

“I’m a guy, and not a big reader in general, never mind the romance genre. I prefer non-fiction/sports/how-to books. And I prefer visual images, so if this book was made into a movie I’d be able to get into it more. But as far as the author’s style and subject matter, it was well-written and entertaining. There’s a lot of sexual tension between the main characters, and I kept wondering when they would finally get it on already. But the suspense was timed just right and kept me reading–I guess that’s author’s the point. If I had to recommend this book, it would be for women who like to read romance. I’m sure if a guy bought this for his wife or girlfriend as a Christmas present she’d enjoy it.” ~ from Val

“As a beta reader for this book, I fell in love with Debra’s ability to keep the pace and sexual tension perfect throughout the novel. Love the story; love the characters. Can’t wait for the next book. Debra’s an amazing writer!” ~ from Aedyn

“Beautifully written, Debra Druzy developed characters that are so relatable, you feel invested in them right from the start. Has all the right ingredients for a fun and steamy love story. It will keep you smiling, wondering and hoping for what will happen next.” ~ Jackie

“Any story that can have me laughing, crying and holding my breath is a winner. This book had me doing all three and so much more. It’s a mixture of seasonal magic, reality, and enough heat to keep the reader toasty through the entire winter. The characters are memorable and simple to connect with; they could be a childhood friend or next door neighbor. They’re people whose motives, actions, and fears, we can easily relate to; you feel for their past and are immediately invested in their future. Their chemistry is evident throughout the story even when the characters aren’t on the best of terms. The location of the story, a small town, is another aspect of the story I loved. It makes way for quirky, nosy, meddling characters and gives the reader an opportunity to see into the close-knit relationships between more than just the two Main Characters and the way all those relationships help form the Main Characters’ in ways you would miss if the story was taking place in a big city. The pains from the heroine’s past are pushing her to an unhappy and lonely future. To the only future she believes she’s capable and deserving of. The hero steps in and offers alternatives she never thought possible. She wants to reach out, but fear is still holding on tight; it’s going to take the strong grip of the hero to pull her into the future she deserves, the future he dreams of, the future she never thought possible. A future with the two, side by side. This book is a Holiday Romance that’s a perfect read for the entire year.” ~ from La Koehler

“Awesome book…I didn’t want to put it down until I finished it” ~ Robyn

A thoroughly enjoyable read!” ~ Kelly

“A well written, sensual, beautiful love story. A great read for all seasons, but would make a wonderful holiday gift.” ~ Marilyn

“Enjoyable story. Easy to relate to the characters, setting, and scenario. Would recommend this to women who like a quick, lighthearted story, with some steamy romance. A good book to take on vacation.” ~ from JP

“I’m a HUGE fan of holiday romances. Christmas is the perfect setting for two lonely people, searching for that special someone when it feels like their destined to be alone, to get together. There’s just something about the season… lots of snow, cozying up by a fire and cuddling under a blanket while sipping hot cocoa… that adds such a warm and toasty ambiance to a story. Sleeping with Santa by Debra Druzy is perfect for the holidays, it covers all the bases and I really, really enjoyed it!
The story takes place in Long Island and I since live in New York, I had a good reference point. The book is fast-paced, easy to read and when I put it down, I found myself thinking about what was going to happen next and how these two love birds were going to get together. The dialogue is funny, witty and realistic. I actually love that Lily and Nick are such flawed characters; it makes them real, and relatable. Nobody is perfect in the story and it made me want their happy ever after even more.
One thing…can someone please get Lily something to wear besides a velour track suit? I want to give the girl a makeover!
Okay..the nitty gritty…there is some heat between these two but I wanted more. I wanted her “honey pot” and his “love gun” to get some more action. Come on Nick, we know you’re sexy…shed that Santa suit and knock her socks off!
Bottom line…don’t wait for Santa, read it now. This charming read is fun and festive!” ~ Smartmouth Smut

“This was a fantastic read! The author has you from page one and I could not put it down. Read the whole book in 2 hours! Characters and story are relatable and the story is believable and not far fetched at all. I can not wait to see what other stories she has coming from this cute little Long Island town.” ~ Karen

“I really enjoyed this book. It moved along at a fast pace and and flowed perfectly. I’m from Long Island so that in itself made me love it! The two main characters Lily and Nick were perfect for each other. At first, I was getting pretty annoyed with Lily’s avoidance of Nick when he was nothing but a great guy from start to finish. As the story moved along, it all made sense … Lily’s story actually broke my heart and I couldn’t stop rooting for her to realize her HEA was right in front of her! Great first novel from Debra Druzy. I’ll definitely be reading more from this talented author.” ~ Lisa

“Sleeping With Santa by Debra Druzy is the perfect holiday confection, a sweet and spicy contemporary romance sure to please readers hungry for something less saccharine than the usual holiday offerings. When sexy Nick Knight arrives in town, beautiful, lonely Lily Lane is smitten, until she learns that he’s a fire fighter. Lily has sworn she’d never date a fire fighter, but will Nick’s sweet and sultry ways change her mind? Nick and Lily hit enough bumps in the road to keep the reader wondering if they’ll ever get their happily ever after. And, they have enough red hot chemistry to keep the reader warm on even the chilliest of nights. A definite must read!” ~ Stephanie

“This was a sweet quick read I enjoyed the romance brewing throughout the story. The title was catchy and the story was filled with sweet romance. I read this right before Christmas and it helped with getting me in the Christmas spirit. Anxious to read more by Ms. Debra Druzy.” ~ Cocktails and Books “Shannon”

“Lonely Lily. Lovely Lily. Silly Lily! C’mon girlfriend, give Nick a chance! Don’t you want to see him shed his Santa pants?
I begin my review in this spunky, spirited tone because that’s the overall tone of this book. Like all good Christmas stories, SLEEPING WITH SANTA is heart-warming and tender, with just the right dash of sex thrown in to season the pot. But don’t mistake the brisk pace for frivolity. These characters are real and credible, three-dimensional and sympathetic – NOT the cookie-cutter cardboard stereotypes you might expect to encounter in formulaic seasonal romance. In point of fact, this story isn’t just for the holidays. It’s a fun year-round read. A good story is a good story, period. And this is a very good story indeed, tightly crafted and expertly told.
In the beginning, one wonders why Lily steadfastly rebuffs Nick, especially for no reason more solid than the ostensibly irrelevant fact that he happens to be a fireman. But as one digs deeper into the meat of the tale, Ms. Druzy deftly reveals the deeper reasons for her heroine’s uptight behavior, and we begin to tap down to the troubling root of her near-phobic avoidance of this utterly charming and seemingly ideal man. Will Lily allow herself to experience the love right in front of her, ripe for the taking? Will she cast aside her prescribed rules and open her heart to her HEA? Will she let Nick in? Even though he, like all flesh-and-blood men, is far from a saint, he’s a keeper, the gift that will keep on giving, year after year, well into wedded old age … But first Lily must let down her defenses and allow herself to embrace the love she deserves.
No review of this work would be complete without observing that Debra Druzy’s style is impressively mature for a debut author. The text is professionally written and neatly packaged from cover to cover. Delightful, spontaneous, and taut of plot, SLEEPING WITH SANTA is a must-read romance suitable for all seasons. I await the author’s next work with great anticipation! Five stars all around for Debra Druzy!” ~ E.Llewellyn, author of Suicide Ride

“I usually read thrillers but the title of this book caught my eye. All I can say is I enjoyed the writing so much that I read the entire book in one session and I cannot wait to read more from Debra Druzy. Her writing is phenomenal and Debra Druzy is now one of my top 3 favorite authors. I highly recommend this book.” ~ TJ Ryan

“Absolutely Amazing! My favorite book by far! I could not put it down! Hot fast read! Debra Druzy is going to be 2015’s hot new author!” ~ Anonymous Reviewer

“The title drew me in and the characters kept me reading from page one to the last. I stayed up until 4:00 a.m. to finish it!! I certainly wouldn’t be as hard to get as Lily was to Nick. Give me a sexy firefighter any day! I can’t wait for Debra Druzy’s next novel! Hope it comes out soon!” ~ Karen-an avid Regency fan “NW Reader”

“I have read several Holiday Romance books and this was by far my favorite. The author develops the characters right away, so you can relate to them throughout the story and understand why they choose the paths they follow. The buildup to Lily and Nicks steamy encounters left me wanting so much more! I love that the author wove their biggest flaws in and out of their tales of woe. Any girl could fall for Nick despite his shortcomings…..not only could I completely picture his sexy features, but by the end of the story I wanted to sleep with him and have his babies! Very well written and exciting…can’t wait for a follow-up or a spin-off!” ~ Meredith

“A great story filled with sweet undertones and steamy sex! I wish there was a Nick living in my town :-)” ~ Laura Lee H.

“Sleeping With Santa is a fantastic read, that I have recommended to many of my friends. The story takes place in a small town was almost everyone knows everyone’s business. The main characters, Lily and Nick both have a hot-and-cold sort of romance going on when she runs into him in town one day. Both Lily and Nick have a very strong emotional connection from then on out. I absolutely love Christmas and when I heard of Sleeping With Santa I was very excited to read more. The holiday feel to this novel kept very much in the Christmas spirit throughout the story. The back-and-forth between the two main characters, Lily and Nick, had me not wanting to put this book down as I have a soft spot for romance stories like that. I was very pleased to see that both Nick and Lily’s point-of-views were included and I could understand both of main characters actions as the story unfolded. This style of writing has to be one of my favourites. Overall, Sleeping With Santa was a brilliant holiday romance novel perfect for anytime of year. I would recommend this entertaining and well-written story to those who like light hearted novels with a side of steaming romantic scenes. I very much look forward to seeing what Ms Druzy comes up with in the future.” ~ Long and Short Reviews