ReviewsAreTipsForWritersA heart-felt Thank You to the gracious readers who enjoyed DARE ME and took the time to post a review.Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 9.28.49 PM

“A sweet treat, perfect for Valentine’s Day or anytime you want to pop a little romance!” ~ Laurie Prim

“A short but sassy read, just the way a Valentine love story should be… A sweet and satisfying quickie.” ~ Dee

“This story is hot! Adam is one hunk of a hero. It’s no wonder Misty falls under his spell again, just like she had in high school. Both Adam and Misty are in the business of providing couples with the first step on their happy ever afters and it’s only fair that they get one of their own. Keep a bottle of champagne handy! You’re going to be in the mood of a glass or two (or four!) while you read this story!” ~ Doreen Alsen

“Debra Druzy has taken the taboo of mixing business with pleasure and made it a marvelously heart-warming story that everyone has to read. Weddings aren’t just for the bride and groom to enjoy.” ~ Kayden Claremont

“Dare Me is a sizzling tale of second chances and fantasy fulfillment.” ~ Katie O’Sullivan